Tellico Village Yacht Club / Marina / Docks

100 Sequoyah Road / Loudon, TN 37774

The Yacht Club (including the Gas & Rental Docks) at Tellico Village is a Premier destination for boaters that need to refuel and desire to have a wonderful meal in a beautiful luxurious setting.  The grounds are manicured to perfection and the views from the Yacht Club terrace are too beautiful to describe.  But wait, you will have to try one of the luscious dishes prepared by the Blue Heron chief and professionally served by an accommodating staff.  The building is comprised of 20,400 square feet on three levels and includes a lounge, dining room, and a complete gourmet kitchen.  There is a landscaped patio and boardwalk which surrounds the shoreline which is perfect for banquets, weddings and business functions.

Directions:  By land, the Yacht Club, Marina and Docks are located 6 miles from Fort Loudoun Dam on Sequoyah Road just off of Tellico Parkway (Highway 444).

Yacht Club information or reservations: (865) 458-4363

Information regarding Docks: (865) 458-4522